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by Mandy
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Here is my ultimate travel bucket list. I spend the majority of my days thinking about travelling and where I’d like to visit next (I think my boyfriend despairs of me sometimes, poor guy). But travelling is my main ambition. I can’t sit back and not see the world.

The point in this blog is to have somewhere for me to express my intense desire to travel, get it out of my system and discuss the places we have travelled to – offering some advice and tips. I hope you enjoy!

Below is a list of the places I have on my travel bucket list and wish to visit. As you can see it pretty much covers everywhere, from Paris and Rome to China and New Zealand. I’m 22 years old now, so I guess I’d better get cracking!

My Travel Bucket List Destinations

As time goes on, I hope to start crossing these off my list and write about my time in these places, what we did and provide some (hopefully) helpful tips and advice. Until then though, expect some posts from myself, pining for each of these places and explaining why I so desperately have to go to them. So, in no particular order:

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Athens
  3. Auckland
  4. Bath (done!)
  5. Beijing
  6. Berchtesgaden (done!)
  7. Berlin (done!)
  8. Borneo
  9. Brisbane
  10. Brugge (done!)
  11. Brussels (done!)
  12. Bucharest
  13. Budapest
  14. Cairns
  15. Cambodia
  16. Cannes
  17. Cardiff (done!)
  18. Chicago
  19. Chichen itza (Mexico)
  20. Christchurch
  21. Colditz
  22. Cologne (done!)
  23. Copenhagen
  24. Dubai
  25. Dublin (done!)
  26. Dusseldorf (done!)
  27. Edinburgh (done!)
  28. Fiji
  29. Florence
  30. Frankfurt (done!)
  31. Geneva
  32. Ghent (done!)
  33. Grand Canyon
  34. Hamburg
  35. Hawaii
  36. Helsinki
  37. Hong Kong
  38. Iceland (done!)
  39. Istanbul
  40. Kalkan (done!)
  41. Krakow (done!)
  42. Kuala Lumpa
  43. LA
  44. Laos
  45. Las Vegas
  46. London (done!)
  47. Machu Picchu (Peru)
  48. Maldives
  49. Melbourne
  50. Miami
  51. Milan
  52. Monaco
  53. Montreal
  54. Moscow
  55. Munich (done!)
  56. Mutianyu (China)
  57. New Orleans
  58. New York (done!)
  59. Nice
  60. Norway
  61. Paris (done!)
  62. Pisa
  63. Prague
  64. Rome
  65. Rothenburg (done!)
  66. Salzburg (done!)
  67. San Francisco
  68. Seattle
  69. Shanghai
  70. Singapore
  71. St Petersburg
  72. Stockholm
  73. Sydney
  74. The Black Forest (done!)
  75. Tiananmen Square (China)
  76. Thailand
  77. Tokyo
  78. Toronto
  79. Vancouver
  80. Venice
  81. Vietnam
  82. Washington DC
  83. Wellington
  84. Yorkshire (done!)
  85. Yosemite National Park
  86. Zurich (done!)

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