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Welcome to Welovetravel.in - a travel blog run by Oli & Mandy. We're a pair of 30-somethings from the UK, with a craving for travel and adventure, here to share our stories and travel experiences.

We are not your usual millennial travelling couple, working and travelling the world as we go. We live and work in the UK, trying to travel and tick off our bucket list destinations as and when we can, whilst juggling the demands of daily life. Welovetravel.in is all about sharing our love of travel, our stories and our experiences, in the hope that it helps and inspires other Monday - Friday, 9-5 daydreaming travellers.

Meet Lady

Lady is our little black rescue cat who came into our lives in 2017. At the grand age of 14, her lust for life has never been greater and since 2018 she has become a regular travel buddy with us on our adventures and travels, having come with us to Wales, Scotland and Germany - and with many more places still on the horizon!

As you can see, during a road trip she loves a Purrpaccino to get her in the holiday mood. And she is never happier than when exploring a new room / cupboard / dusty corner or sitting on one of our laps. You can expect to see her making an appearance in many of our posts.

Our Story

We first discovered our love for travel back in 2015 when we completed our dream road trip across Southern Germany. Since then, we have explored 3 continents, 15 countries, over 30 cities and more than 45 dream destinations of ours, with many more still to tick off on the list!

Our highlights include visiting the beautiful islands of Thailand, chasing the Northern Lights across Iceland, getting engaged in The Black Forest and driving through the stunning scenery of the German Alps and Bavaria.

exploring the world, one adventure at a time


About Us

We live and work in the UK, trying to travel and tick off our bucket list destinations as and when we can.

Our Travel Map

View our map for a log of where we have visited so far, and our dreams and ambitions of where we hope to go exploring next!

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