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United Kingdom

5 days in Edinburgh

Oli and I have just returned from an amazing 5 days in Edinburgh with friends. We had a brilliant time, so I thought I’d do a write up of our 5 days in Edinburgh, what we got up to and where we went, in the hope it’ll give you some ideas if you’re planning a trip to Edinburgh.

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Europe, United Kingdom

Weekend in London ideas

So a bit of a delayed post here, but for my birthday (back in April), Oli booked me a surprise 2 days in London, and then more recently for his birthday in June, I booked us a weekend in London for him as a surprise. That either makes us really unimaginative as a couple, or obsessed with the city. I choose the latter. We both had amazing birthdays in London, so if you’re looking for some weekend in London ideas, here’s a wrap up of what we got up to.

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Views from the castle tower
Europe, Poland

4 days in Krakow

My best friend and I have just returned from a trip to Poland, spending 4 days in Krakow. This is a beautiful city, with so much to offer, see and do. If you’re looking for some inspiration for a trip to Krakow, then I hope my trip report of our 4 days in Krakow will help!

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Europe, Ireland

4 days in Dublin

This New Year’s I decided we should do something different and get away for a bit, so I bought Oli a trip to Dublin for his Christmas present (a Christmas present to myself too I guess). We spent 4 days in Dublin, which included us spending New Years Eve in Dublin too which was amazing! Here’s what we got up to…

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Europe, France

Day trip to Paris 2014

This Easter weekend, my boyfriend and I hopped on the Eurostar for (what should have been) a day trip to Paris. Eurostar cancellation elongated our trip to two days in Paris – so here is what we got up to in Beautiful Paris.

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United Kingdom

2 days in Bath

On Thursday 15th August – Friday 16th, my boyfriend and I headed off to Bath, making the short 2 hour journey from our home in Portsmouth. Neither of us had been to Bath before so we tried fit in everything we wanted to do in and around the area. This is what we got up to:

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United Kingdom

2 days in London

Living in Portsmouth, I am very fortunate that I not only live in lovely coastal city, but that I’m also a 1.5 hour drive away from London; straight up the motorway. However, the downside to this is that due to birthdays / shopping trips / weekends away and growing up so near by, myself and my boyfriend have pretty much done everything we ever wanted to do in London. This week, we booked two days in London as we were going to see a show. The question was, what do we do with the rest of our time, that we haven’t already done?

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