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Best Viewpoints in Prague + Map (2024)

by Mandy
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Lady of our Church best photo spots in Prague

The Czech Republic’s capital of Prague remains (in our opinion) one of the most beautiful cities you can visit in Eastern Europe. Having explored the city from top to bottom, here’s our guide on the best viewpoints in Prague.

Known as the “city of a hundred spires” Prague truly is a feast for the eyes. With Prague Castle to the west, the Old Town to the east and the peaceful Vltava River flowing through the middle. There are viewpoints and great photo spots everywhere you look. You can also travel to the top of many of these spires, for a truly unique perspective of the city below you. In this guide we round 13 of the best viewpoints in Prague, including a map of where to find them, and tips for capturing the best photo spots in Prague.

Best viewpoints in Prague as seen from the top of Petrin Tower

1. Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower is one of the most prominent landmarks in Prague, due to its location at the top of Petrin Hill.

Located in Malá Strana (also known as “Lesser Town”), the tower is 63.5 meters tall, offering the highest and one of the best viewpoints in Prague. From the top, you have sweeping views from Prague Castle, over the Vltava River and across to the old town, where you can see birds eye views of Charles Bridge, The Church of our Lady Before Týn and beyond.

The tower was built in 1891 and resembles a smaller Eiffel Tower. To reach the top, you can choose to climb the 299 steps, or ride the lift located behind a vault-like door! We recommend riding the lift to the top (it’s quite the experience) and taking the steps back down.

Tips for visiting Petrin Tower

For one of the best photo spots in Prague, Petrin Tower is best visited on a clear, sunny day. We also recommend visiting before midday to avoid any busy periods. We arrived around 11am, and largely had the tower to ourselves.

How to visit Petrin Tower

You can walk to the tower through the park to the top of Petrin Hill. It’s a beautiful and peaceful part of Prague, but it’s certainly not easy going! The walk to the top is steep in many places, but there are lots of benches and places to sit if needed. Alternatively, you can ride the funicular found on Újezd. A one-way ticket costs about £2 per person (60czk) and takes you to the top of the hill, a short walk from the tower. You can buy your ticket from the turnstile on arrival. We paid via contactless using our card.

At the foot of the tower there is a small café, so you can grab some refreshments (needed if you have walked up through the park). Our tickets were roughly £25 (733czk), for x2 adults, including extra to ride the lift to the top.

You can find out more about opening hours and admission prices here.

Visit Petrin Tower for one of the best photo spots in Prague
One of the best viewpoints in Prague looking out from Petrin Tower

2. Old Town Hall Tower (Astronomical Clock Tower)

Easily the most iconic spot in all of Prague. The view from the top of the Old Town Hall Tower has to be on your list of best viewpoints in Prague. Situated on the corner of Prague’s historic town square (Staroměstské náměstí), the top of the 70 meter tower offers an uninterrupted view looking straight at the Church of our Lady Before Týn. 

The Old Town Hall Tower is part of Prague City Hall and also houses the famous Astronomical Clock. To reach the top, you’ll ride a lift which takes you most of the way. From there, you can follow a sweeping walkway before reaching a small spiral staircase to the very top. As you walk along, you can hear the clicking and clacking of the clock mechanisms which is pretty cool. Alternatively, for an extra fee, you can take a second lift straight to the top.

While the view of the church is definitely the main reason for visiting, you can walk all around the top of the tower for 360 degree views over the old town and Prague’s iconic red rooftops.

Lady of our Church best photo spots in Prague

Tips for visiting Old Town Hall Tower

The view of the church from the top of the tower is no hidden gem, and being located in the heart of the old town makes this a very popular tourist spot! But don’t let that put you off visiting. The reward from the top of the tower really does earn you one of the very best photo spots in Prague. To get the best experience, we recommend arriving for opening! That’s roughly 10am in winter and 9am in summer.

Once inside, you can visit the different rooms and exhibitions. We recommend heading straight for the tower first to avoid any crowds. You can visit the rooms on your way back down.

The walkway around the tower is also undercover, so this is something you can do on a dry or rainy day.

How to visit

The entrance to the tower is to the left of the Astronomical Clock, through a set of double glass doors. We paid by card at the turnstiles, but they also accept cash. We arrived within their first hour of opening (just after 9am), which also entitled us to a 50% discount. Our ticket for x2 adults in the end was roughly £12 instead of £25 (733czk), so this is worth keeping in mind.

You can buy your tickets online if you want to skip the queues. However if you arrive just after opening this isn’t really necessary. You can find out more about opening hours and admission prices online here.

Best viewpoints in Prague from letna park

3. Letná Park

One of the very best photo spots in Prague is the viewpoint from Letná Park. From up here you have commanding views across the old town, plus many of Prague’s iconic bridges and over much of Malá Strana. The views up here really are picture-perfect!

The park is Prague’s largest green space – around 52 hectares! It’s a lovely place to spend a morning, enjoying its many viewpoints. Our particular favourite spots are in front of Hanau Pavilion, the Metronome or the Letná Beer Garden. But as you explore the park, you’ll find there are loads of beautiful spots and viewpoints to discover.

Tips for visiting Letná Park

The park is a peaceful haven overlooking the hustle and bustle of the old town. To enjoy what we think is easily one of the best viewpoints in Prague all to yourself, we suggest getting here early. We arrived about 9:30am and found only locals here enjoying a morning run or dog walk.

The views from Letná Park are also best experienced on a clear, sunny day. Views stretch all the way down the Vltava River as far as the eye can see on a clear day. The park is also vast! Make sure you set aside some time to explore the grounds, relax, and find a nice spot to enjoy the sunshine and the views.

How to visit

Whilst walking is the best way to enjoy the park, some of the routes are steep! Particularly if you’re walking from the old town or Malá Strana. There’s no public transport directly inside the park, however there are lots of bus and tram stops around the perimeter of the park if that’s better for you. Google is your best bet to plan a route.

The park is free to visit, and alongside a beer garden, there are also a couple of restaurants. We didn’t visit these though so we can’t comment on the food or the prices.

Best photo spots in Prague from the Lesser Town Bridge Tower

4. Lesser Town Bridge Tower

Found at the western end of Charles Bridge is the Lesser Town Bridge Tower. The tower was once part of an ancient gate, which provided access to and from Malá Strana. With its dramatic, gothic spires, it very much mirrors the Old Town Bridge Tower, found at the other end of Charles Bridge. However, this tower attracts far fewer visitors, which is why it’s our preferred option out of the two.

At 43.5 meters high, the tower is quite small, but offers one of the best photo spots in Prague – completely hidden in plain sight! From the top, we stood and waved at everyone below and we didn’t see one person look up or wave back at us. They had no idea we were up there, which also means, they had no idea they could get up the top either. We arrived about 2pm in the afternoon (easily peak time), and we had the tower all to ourselves.

The Lesser Town Tower is connected via a walkway to the smaller Judith’s Tower (not publicly accessible). From the walkway you have views behind you towards St Nicholas Church, or of Charles Bridge directly below you. You can also see the many other towers and spires of Prague, including the Church of our Lady, Powder Gate, the TV Tower and beyond, offering a unique viewpoint in Prague.

Best photo spots in Prague from lesser town bridge tower

Tips for visiting

Although a relatively well blogged about tower, we found it to be overlooked by nearly everyone. So our main tip would be to visit this tower, compared to its older sibling at the other end of the bridge. It’s an interesting piece of history and offers a different perspective, nestled slightly above Prague’s red rooftops.

The steps to the top are also quite narrow and steep in places, so pay extra attention to your footing and wear sensible shoes.

How to visit

The entrance can be found at the foot of the tower itself, just under the walkway that joins the two towers together. If you do decide to visit the Old Bridge Tower, then you can save a bit of money by buying a combi-ticket. You can find out more about opening hours and admission prices here.

best photo spots in Prague looking across the river

5. Střelecký Ostrov / Střelecký Island

Located on the western side of Vltava River is the peaceful haven of Střelecký Island. This is a romantic little spot, where you can enjoy nature amongst large mature trees and listen to the birdsong instead of the humdrum of traffic and tourists.

We came here on a sunny day in April, looking for a peaceful spot to enjoy the sunshine. As we headed towards the northern tip of the island though we found one of the best photo spots in Prague. From the tip of the island you have a direct view of Charles Bridge in all its glory.

Tips for visiting

All around the island you can admire exceptional views of Prague, and enjoy a perspective that not many tourists seem to know about. The whole park is incredibly clean, so be sure to leave things as you found them and take your rubbish with you.

Also keep an eye out for a small beaver / otter like animal called a Nutria. They’re about the size of a small dog and live around the river banks of the Vltava. If you’re lucky you may see one wandering around or swimming along the shores of the park (they’re very cute!).

Before heading down to the park, inside one of the bridge pillars at the very end of Legion Bridge is a fab little coffee place called Claudia Coffee. Be sure to grab a coffee from there on your way to the park.

How to visit

You can reach this little oasis from Legion Bridge, down towards the Dancing House. Heading west, there is a staircase which will lead you down to the grounds. Střelecký Island is open year-round and is also free to enter.

6. Powder Gate

The city of a hundred spires, and yes you do get to climb a lot of them! We love Powder Gate for its slightly different perspective, offering another opportunity for one of the best photo spots in Prague.

Powder Gate is one of the original 13 city gates that existed, offering access in and out of the old town. It’s a gothic, dark, “sooty” looking tower, which during the 17th century was used to store gunpowder, giving it the name we know today.

At a height of 44 meters, the tower very much mimics the Lesser Town Tower and Old Bridge Tower. However, from the top you can enjoy the views from the back of the Church of our Lady, looking towards Prague Castle, Petrin Tower and Petrin Hill. It also overlooks one of the busiest streets in the city, so it’s great for people watching and watching the world go by.

Tips for visiting

There are 186 steps to the top, which are much narrower and tighter compared to the other towers in Prague. The first set of spiral stairs have a rope you can hold on to, however this doesn’t last all the way to the top. You can steady yourself from the wall, but take your time all the same and watch your footing.

From the top, you can walk all the way around the top of the tower for some of the best viewpoints in Prague from the TV Tower to Prague Castle. The top is also covered, making for a great rainy day activity.

How to visit

You can buy tickets from a small kiosk at street level. The tower is open year-round and you will also receive a 50% discount if you arrive during the first hour of opening. Full details of opening hours and admission prices can be found online here. You can also pre-book your tickets online if you’d rather.

best photo spots in Prague, from Manes Bridge looking towards Charles Bridge

7. Manes Bridge

Charles Bridge is certainly one of the most iconic landmarks in Prague, but you can’t fully appreciate it when you’re on it. Running parallel to it is the more modern Manes Bridge. From here you can enjoy stunning views across the river, looking directly towards Charles Bridge and the old town.

Completed in 1916, Manes Bridge is the 9th bridge over the Vltava River. It’s a busy crossing, with cars and trams, but there are also public pathways on either side of the bridge, where you can enjoy a stroll, take in the views and watch the boats.

Tips for visiting

While Charles Bridge is the most famous bridge, the better views are arguably from here. This was one of our favourite viewpoints in Prague.

You can either cross the bridge from one side of the river to the other, or from the Malá Strana side, you can take the stairs down to the river bank and enjoy a nice walk along the river. On the old town side of the river are also lots of piers to join many of the river boat tours, where you can take in even more views of Prague.

How to visit

Manes Bridge is located north of Charles Bridge, near Letná Park. It’s easily walkable from the old town or Malá Strana. There are also lots of tram stops nearby.

St Nicholas Church belltower is one of the best photo spots in Prague

8. St Nicholas Bell Tower

Located in the heart of Malá Strana stands the beautiful St Nicholas Bell Tower. Directly in-line with Charles Bridge with its blue tipped roof, you can’t miss it as you enter the Lesser Town area of Prague.

Attached to the Church of St Nicholas and built in 1755, the bell tower previously served as a fire watchtower. During the 1960s-80s, the tower became an observation post for the secret police during the Communist era, where they monitored western embassies. It has certainly had a colourful history. Today however, it has a small exhibition on its past, but mostly serves as a vantage point for one of the best viewpoints in Prague.

Tips for visiting

Like many other towers, the bell tower seems to fly under the radar for many. When we visited we had the whole place to ourselves. You can access the bell tower from a small kiosk at ground-level inside the tower itself. From here, it is a tight spiral staircase to the top. Climb all 215 steps and you will be rewarded with views towards Prague Castle and over to the old town.

The staircase is old and steep in places. Be sure to watch your footing and wear sensible footwear.

How to visit

The bell tower is one of the easiest landmarks to find. It is directly in-line with Charles Bridge, slightly further up hill from the Lesser Town Tower. The tower is open all year round, and you can buy tickets on the door or in advance if you prefer. More information on opening hours and admission prices can be found here.

best photo spots in Prague from Kampa Park

9. Kampa Park

In the Lesser Town, all along the river bank are beautiful spots and viewpoints of Prague’s old town and Charles Bridge. For the best viewpoints in Prague of Charles Bridge, enjoy a short stroll from Kampapark on the left side of the bridge, down to Museum Kampa. This is a beautiful part of Prague, somewhat out the way of large crowds who seem to stay close to, or on, the bridge itself. Much like with the view from Manes Bridge, we think the view of Charles Bridge is better than actually being on it (personally).

Tips for visiting

Take time to explore this whole side of the river bank. There are lots of lovely walks and viewpoints all along here.

How to visit

There are lots of windy streets towards the river banks, your best bet is to use Google Maps to get around initially. Once you’re in Kampa Park though it’s more straight forward. There’s no entrance fee into the park, and on a lovely sunny day there are also lots of nice benches and open spaces to enjoy the sun and riverside views.

Charles Bridge has one of the best photos spots in Prague

10. Charles Bridge

We have mentioned it throughout this blog post, of course the famous bridge itself had to be mentioned.

Built in 1402, it served as the only means of crossing the Vltava River until 1841. It was therefore the most important connection between Prague Castle and the old town. As well as the historical significance, it is also Prague’s oldest bridge. The bridge itself is flanked at either end by the Lesser Town Bridge Tower and Old Town Bridge Tower. The bridge is also lined with 30 statues, making it a truly unique landmark in the city.

Once on the bridge, you have one of the best photo spots in Prague, either capturing the Old Town Bridge Tower, or the Lesser Town Tower with Prague Castle behind it.

Tips for visiting

Alongside the Church of our Lady, this is easily the biggest tourist attraction in the city. Expect crowds throughout the best part of the day. For the best experience, we suggest arriving here pre-8am. We walked across about 7:45am and enjoyed watching joggers and commuters. There was the odd tourist enjoying a stroll too, but it was a very peaceful experience compared to later in the day.

As always in busy tourist areas, be mindful of pick pockets and keep tabs on your belongings.

How to visit

The bridge is completely pedestrianised. There are no cars or trams, making it an easy crossing point over the river, and there are lots of tram spots nearby if needed. Charles Bridge is also free to cross.

Best viewpoints in Prague from Prague castle

11. Prague Castle

We could easily write a whole separate blog post about visiting Prague Castle. But that’s not why you’re here! From the top entrance to the castle is a fabulous viewpoint to add to your list of best photo spots in Prague.

The view from up here looks across to Petrin Hill, over Malá Strana below you and across the river towards the old town. From here you can see Petrin Tower, Charles Bridge, the Church of our Lady and Prague’s many, many spires and towers. The area around the castle is also very picturesque, with cute cobblestone lanes and leafy streets.

Tips for visiting

The castle is another one of the most popular attractions in Prague. There is also a lot you can learn about the castle, so expect BIG tour groups. For the best experience and to enjoy the views mostly to yourself, we recommend getting to the castle around opening time. We arrived about 9am and found the area to be pretty quiet.

How to visit

There is no public transport direct to the castle. The route up to the castle is steep, and depending on your route can involve lots of steps.

For this particular viewpoint, head towards the Starbucks located near the castle. It sounds like an odd landmark, but it is one very well positioned Starbucks! The view from the photo above is located slightly behind it on your way to the castle entrance.

Best photo spots in Prague from a vineyard

12. St. Wencesla’s Vineyard

Did you know there’s a small vineyard in the heart of Malá Strana, offering one of the best photo spots in Prague? Located just outside Prague Castle, this is a hidden gem amongst the tourist hustle and bustle. It is not the biggest vineyard, but it has a cute little terrace, where you can drink in both the wine and the views.

How busy this place gets during the peak season, I’m not sure? We arrived just after 12pm in April and had our pick of spots. We loved sitting here, sipping on Czech wine and taking in the views. From here you have views stretching across the river to the old town, with the Church of our Lady, all the way to the TV Tower.

Tips for visiting

There is a separate restaurant and bistro which we didn’t visit, so we can’t comment on this or the prices.

The price we paid for the wine was a little on the high side for Czech prices (about £20 for 2 large glasses of wine). That said, it is just outside a touristy area of the castle. It is a vineyard. And we expected to pay a bit of a premium for the view. We didn’t mind this, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re visiting.

How to visit

The vineyard is located at the lower end of the castle complex. It is a short, but steep walk up a hill if you’re walking from the river, so you will have earnt that glass of wine when you reach the top!

13. Prague TV Tower (Žižkov Television Tower)

At 216 meters high, you can’t really miss the TV Tower. It is completely not in keeping with any other part of Prague, and sticks out from the top of the hills from nearly every angle of Prague. That said, there is something in intriguing about it. As one of the highest viewpoints in Prague, it offers a different perspective of the city.

The side of the tower is decorated in crawling babies. Slightly terrifying, yes. These were added by Prague’s most famous (and controversial) artist, David Černý. You can view much of his work all around Prague.

Tips for visiting

The TV Tower is quite far out from the city centre, so this won’t be one of your best photo spots in Prague, but its height gives a different outlook to any other viewpoint in the city. The observation deck offers 360 degree views over the top of Prague.

How to visit

As mentioned the TV Tower is a little bit outside of the city centre (about 1 hour’s walk from the old town). However, it is relatively accessible. The nearest Metro line and Tram Stop is Jiřího z Poděbrad. It’s about a 15 minute Metro ride from the old town, or a 30 minute tram journey from the old town. From the station, it’s then a short 10 minute walk to the TV Tower.

You can buy tickets online in advance, or at the main entrance on arrival. Full details of opening hours and admission prices can be found on the main website here.

Best Photo Spots in Prague Map

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