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Unique Things to do in Prague

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Unique things to do in Prague

Nestled in the heart of Europe, a trip to Prague makes for a fantastic city break. Recognised as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Prague effortlessly blends history, culture and modern charm. It draws visitors from far and wide to see its iconic landmarks and picturesque streets. Our guide wraps up the best unique things to do in Prague as well as some of the must see things in Prague.

We have also written a guide to the best viewpoints in Prague, plus a trip report of our own 4 days in Prague. Our below guide starts with an overview of the top most unique things to do in Prague, plus your must see things in Prague. For some extra reading, we have also suggested what is best to avoid and some free things to in Prague!

Interesting Facts about Prague

  • Unlike many other European cities, Prague remained largely intact after World War II. Much of its history and architecture remains the same today, offering a unique attraction for visitors. Admiring the beautiful buildings of the city is one of the best free things to do in Prague.
  • The historic centre of Prague is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting the old town is one of the must see things in Prague!
  • Prague is both the capital of the Czech Republic and the country’s largest city. The population is an estimated 1.3 million people.
  • Prague is known as the “city of a hundred spires” due to its stunning skyline. The name was given by mathematician and philosopher Bernard Bolzano. In the 19th century he counted 103 spires! Today though, its estimated the number of spires has grown to over 500! Climbing some of the many spires are one of the unique things to do in Prague.
  • Prague Castle is one of the must see things in Prague! But it is also the largest ancient castle in the world.
  • In more modern times, Prague has become a popular filming location. Its picturesque streets and historic buildings have been used in films from Mission Impossible and Casino Royale, to the Illusionist. Spotting filming locations is one of the fun and unique things to do in Prague. Can you spot any?
Unique things to do in Prague

Unique things to do in Prague

From must see sights and hidden gems, to unique attractions and activities. We fell in love with Prague for so many reasons. Below are our top 10 unique things to do in Prague. While some of these are not unique in themselves, they are unique to Prague, adding to a fun and memorable experience!

1. Climb Prague’s many towers

For a truly unique view of the city of a hundred spires, why not climb one of them? Or even a few of them? Each one offers something a little bit different, making this one of the most unique things to do in Prague.

From the Old Town Hall Tower you get an unrivalled and uninterrupted view of the beautiful Church of our Lady. There is also the Lesser Town Bridge, with iconic views overlooking Charles Bridge. This is particularly fun at midday when you can people watch the hundreds of tourists crossing the bridge. St Nicholas Bell Tower in Mala Strana has an interesting history, having previously been used by the Secret Police. The top of the tower has a small exhibition on this, as well as incredible views over Prague’s rooftops. There is also Powder Gate. This tower  offers a unique view looking back over the Old Town towards Prague Castle.

2. Explore Mala Strana with a DIY walking tour

One of the best ways to see Prague is to experience it by foot. Mala Strana is an oasis amongst a crowded city centre. Filled with parks and leafy streets, this part of Prague has stunning architecture, street art, vineyards, good food and lots of viewpoints to take in the beauty of Prague. Getting lost in Mala Strana is one of the best unique things to do in Prague.

3. Enjoy skyline views while sipping wine at a vineyard

Located just outside of Prague Castle is the hidden gem, Wenceslas Vineyard. What could be more unique than sipping Czech wine, from a terrace, overlooking all of Prague?

Unique things to do in Prague

4. Grab some cocktails at Prague’s secret bars

With its medieval history, Prague has many a cellar, alley and nook & cranny to fill. Some of which are now home to some of Prague’s best cocktail bars! What could be more unique than an inkblot determining your cocktail? Or being served drinks by someone wearing an Anonymous mask? For this, you’ll want to visit the likes of Anonymous Shrinks and Anonymous, which were our personal favourites. But Prague has many a hidden bar dotted around. Part of the fun is trying to find them!

5. Head to Letná Park for city views

Letná Park is a vibe. Way up high on a hill in Mala Strana, the park is popular with locals, joggers and dog walkers. What makes Letná Park one of the best unique things to do in Prague is the view. From up there, the park overlooks the whole of the city, its many spires and its many bridges. Why not add to this unique experience with a swift pint at Letná Beer Garden? Where you can soak up the views and the atmosphere, as you soak up some beer!

6. Explore a secret cold war bunker

A highlight for anyone looking for unique things to do in Prague must be the hidden bunkers below the Hotel Jalta. Also known as the Cold War Museum, or the Nuclear War Bunker. Built between 1954 and 1958, the bunker can be found 20 meters below ground. It was designed to hold up to 150 people, including important communist officials and officers in the event of nuclear war, for a period of 2 months. Thankfully this never happened and over time the hidden bunkers were used by the secret police instead. We have written more detail about this and how to visit in our 4 Days in Prague trip report.

Must see things in Prague

7. Ascend Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower is one of the most prominent landmarks in Prague, due to its location at the top of Petrin Hill. Standing at 63.5 meters tall, the tower was built in 1891 and resembles a smaller Eiffel Tower. From the top you have the highest and one of the best viewpoints in Prague. From the top, you have sweeping views from Prague Castle, over the Vltava River and across to the old town, where you can see birds eye views of Charles Bridge, The Church of our Lady Before Týn and beyond.

8. Check out the Jewish Quarter

Many European cities have Jewish Quarters. However this area remains one of the most unique things to do in Prague. Much of this district was destroyed in the 20th century, however some of the most distinct buildings remain. This includes The Old New Synagogue. Built in 1270, this is Europe’s oldest active Synagogue. Pinkas Synagogue, which is the second oldest Synagogue and Holocaust memorial to over 77,000 Czech Jewish victims.

9. Explore Prague’s hidden gardens

You can visit the tranquil Vrtbovská Garden, a beautiful Baroque garden hidden in the Lesser Town, or the Wallenstein Garden, featuring elegant statues, a grotto, and peacocks. These are peaceful havens in otherwise heaving parts of Prague. There are also a number of other public gardens you can explore within Mala Strana too, so it’s a good way to spend a day if you’re looking for a more relaxed pace.

10. Take a stroll down Prague’s Narrowest Alley

Located in Mala Strana, this skinny stairway is wedged between two buildings, with traffic lights at each end to manage the flow of visitors. At 50cm wide, it’s a bit of a novelty, but it’s also a bit of fun, and is certainly one of the most unique things to do in Prague.

Unique things to do in Prague narrowest alley

Must see things in Prague

While our list of unique things to do in Prague covers a few hidden gems, you can’t come to Prague without seeing some of the main sights and attractions. This is our quick round-up of the must see things in Prague!

1. Walk across Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is arguably the most iconic landmark in Prague. Spanning the Vltava River, the bridge connects the Old Town (Staré Město) with the Lesser Town (Malá Strana). From here, you have spectacular views of both sides of the city. The bridge is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, adorned with 30 statues along its 621 meter length.

2. Visit Prague Castle

Prague Castle has rightly so become one of the top must see things in Prague. Founded in 880AD, Prague Castle is one of the oldest and largest castle complexes in the world! The whole complex covers an area of almost 70,000 square meters. The castle complex includes several palaces, churches, halls, and towers. The centrepiece of however is the magnificent St Vitus Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece which took nearly 600 years to complete!

3. Explore the Old Town

The best way to explore Prague is on foot, so make sure you spend some time strolling through the Old Town. This is the historical heart of the city, dating back to the 9th century! While it is also the tourist hot spot, there are lots of winding side streets where you can see a different side to the old town. This area is also home to the iconic Church of our Lady, the stunning gothic church at the centre of the old town.

4. Watch the Astronomical Clock

Found on the face of the Old Town Hall Tower, Prague’s Astronomical Clock was installed in 1410. This makes it the third-oldest in the world (after Salisbury Cathedral and Wells Cathedral, both in the UK). It is however, said to be the oldest still in operation, rightfully making this one of the must see things in Prague. The clock consists of three main components: the astronomical dial, which shows the position of the sun and moon in the sky. A calendar dial for the months in the year. Then finally, the “Walk of the Apostles”. Every hour, small wooden figures move through two windows on the clock, accompanied by a skeleton figure (Death) ringing a bell. Large crowds of tourists gather every hour to watch the unique show.

5. Check out the Dancing House

Built in 1996, the Dancing House is a standout example of modern architecture in Prague. The building’s dynamic and curvy lines contrast sharply with the more traditional Baroque and Gothic buildings that Prague is known for. Dancing House has also affectionately been nicknamed “Fred and Ginger”, inspired by the famous dance duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The glass tower is said to represent Ginger, with the stone tower representing Fred. At the top of the building is a bar and restaurant, offering panoramic views of the city.

Must see things in Prague - Dancing House

Things to avoid in Prague

There is a lot to love about Prague. But like any other city, there are also some things not worth visiting. In our opinion, to make the best use of your time, these are the things to avoid in Prague.

Chimney Cake (Trdelník)

You will see stalls selling these everywhere! They are pitched as an “authentic” Czech dessert. These are targeted at tourists, with the price to match! The irony is that these are not traditional Czech pastries at all! In fact, the Chimney Cake is meant to have originated in Romania? This isn’t to say you can’t enjoy one if you want one! But if you’re looking for a genuine Czech dessert, try something like koláče instead.

John Lennon Wall

Located in Mala Strana, John Lennon never visited the location itself. However shortly after he was killed, the wall quickly became a symbolic area of free speech. The wall is adorned with colour graffiti from edge to edge. The downside however is that the John Lennon mural that started this act of free speech has now been completely covered by stickers and other graffiti. It doesn’t hold any historical significance, and is basically just a wall of graffiti now. We suggest this is one of the things to avoid in Prague, unless you’re passing by in Mala Strana.

TV Tower (Žižkov Television Tower)

You can’t miss the TV Tower rising above the traditional skyline of Prague. It’s brutalist, concrete form rises from the hills, overlooking the whole city. Again, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t visit the TV Tower if you really want to, but personally we didn’t find the experience that enjoyable. The whole building smelt overwhelmingly damp. The views were underwhelming, compared to the views from the likes of Petrin Tower, Prague Castle or Powder Gate. The windows were also really grubby, obstructing the views slightly also. 

things to avoid in Prague

10 free things to do in Prague

We have given you our top highlights of unique things to do in Prague, your must see things in Prague and things to avoid in Prague. But if you’re short on time, and just want to make the most of your trip, quickly, easily and cheaply, then here are 10 free things to do in Prague!

  1. Walk Charles Bridge
  2. Explore the old town
  3. Visit Letná Park
  4. Explore the grounds of Prague Castle
  5. Watch the Astronomical Clock
  6. Relax at Střelecký Island
  7. Walk down Prague’s Narrowest Alley
  8. Plan a DIY walking tour around Mala Strana
  9. Check out Prague’s street art scene
  10. Admire Prague’s famous architecture

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